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Caring for Your Furry Friends

Our aim is to develop the best innovative rehabilitation facility in Australia designed to have positive outcomes


There has been a gratifying community response to The Lookout Residential Rehabilitation project. Everyone has adopted the ‘Our Community, Our Problem” approach and has supported the many fund-raising events and made donations to the appeal, as well as expressing their concern for the issues that this project has raised in our minds.


Together we can make a difference to the families that have been impacted by the complex issues that surround alcohol and other drugs use. Having a regional community facility that will allow people to seek treatment close to their families and support networks is a worthwhile undertaking and worthy of our ongoing support and understanding.


The residential rehabilitation program will provide a structured, drug-free, 24-hour supervision service in a therapeutic care model and supported access to allied services. This is the opportunity to change their lives that so many have been waiting for.


Glenys Phillpot – Chair of the Lookout Steering Committee

The Lookout Residential Rehabilitation Centre will provide structured, supervised services in a drug and crime-free environment.

Residential rehabilitation centres have operated across Victoria for more than 35 years. They have a strong history of helping people to rebuild their lives in a safe and supported environment.

This form of therapeutic response has been clinically proven to help people overcome drug and alcohol dependency, improve family relationships and employment options and save lives.

With no similar facilities in our region, there is widespread community support for a residential rehabilitation centre in Warrnambool.‚Äč

When fully operational, the Lookout Residential Rehabilitation Centre will at any one time provide for 20 residential rehabilitation clients for treatment of alcohol and drug addiction and assistance for families in South West Victoria. 

A United Approach to Substance Abuse Health Care


WRAD is seeking to have a condition imposed on The Lookout Residential Rehabilitation Centre amended.
Centre director Geoff Soma said the condition it was contesting with the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal related to required staff numbers at the facility.
“The staff numbers prescribed by the condition are vastly different to similar-sized residential rehabilitation centres operating safely and effectively across Victoria,” Mr Soma said.
Mr Soma said the goal to operate the residential rehabilitation centre was very much alive and the facility had considerable support from the community.
VCAT recently granted a planning permit for the facility to be located and operated at 43 Atkinsons Lane in Dennington.

A snapshot of what a residential rehabilitation centre in South West Victoria could look like

“The missing link in our region's drug and alcohol services is the lack of readily accessible locally-based residential rehabilitation services, they are urgently needed to help our community members whose lives are in crisis and who desperately need these services to help them turn their lives around.”

Dr Denis Napthine, former Victorian Premier and Member for South West Coast

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